Ghar Aaye Mery Pardesi

Comedy Long Play

Written By : Naeem Tahir
Directed By: Tabish Bin Tariq

A young guy from Pakistan working in Dubai. While suddenly he got the news that his in-laws are coming to Dubai with family includes a girl he is engaged with, her father, mother and brother to spend their Eid in Dubai and meeting with the groom. Because they think that he lives in Dubai so he must be entertaining them but in reality, he lives in sharing and gets upset after hearing a news of their coming. Anyhow with suggestion of his friends he take portion in villa which is in care of an Indian Gujrati Family.

The Gujrati have a wife and a young daughter who goes completely flat on the Pakistani guy after he shifted in villa and try to attract him while his fiancée mind that situation and get aware with fact that she is trying on him. She started fighting with his fiancée and the situation continues accordingly.

On the other side a father-in-law started investigate about the buy which is gone to the height of irritability. And mother-in-law and brother-in-law always ask him to take them out as they come to Dubai for the first time.